Photo Credit: Rye Studio

I spend my days spinning stories. 

As a ghostwriter and copywriter, I help people get the ideas and words out of their head and onto the page; sometimes those pages are between the covers of a book, sometimes they’re website pages, sometimes they’re magazine articles. Sometimes my name is on those pages, sometimes it’s not. And those stories that I spin? They’re true, accurate, and timely—but told creatively, precisely, and well. The result is copy people want to read, which translates into connections, sales, and authority.

Words are a funny thing; weaved together well, they inspire, convince, validate. I specialize in content for entrepreneurs, sales professionals, attorneys, accountants, financial planners, and business owners because each and every one of my clients has one thing in common—they’re original. They have a story like none other even if their title is the same as the competitor down the block. They understand it’s their story—the reason they do what they do and the unique way in which they tell it—that sets them apart.

That’s what I’m good at—telling your story in a way that draws people in, illustrates who you are, and encourages them to work with you. Learn more about working with me as a ghostwriter, a professional profile writer, a content strategist, ghost blogger, or editor.