Conventional wisdom says the real work of writing is in editing.

As a writer and an editor, I can tell you that’s true. The two titles are not synonymous–though some writers make fine editors and some editors are gifted writers–and the skill set for each is distinctive. Editing takes more than a keen eye; it requires discernment and perspective, and the ability to balance a deep respect for an author’s voice with an understanding of what resonates on a page and what doesn’t.

I edit works long and short–books and blog posts, newsletters and sales pitches. The way we work together varies depending on your specific need–how much editing you need, the type of editing you need, and how quickly you need the work done. Some projects are finished in an afternoon; others take months. It all depends on what you’re trying to say and when you need to say it.

Want to talk about it? Tell me about your project and we’ll go from there.