Tell me….what’s your story?

You have one, even if you don’t yet realize it. So does your business. Does your online presence match who you are in real life?

Do your clients know who you are and why you’re unique?

Cookie cutter solutions don’t work. The power of your story–and effectively communicating how your story benefits others–does. In the pursuit of effective marketing, the real message often gets lost in technical terms and statistical reports, and we forget that at the end of the day people really only care about a few things:

  • Who you are
  • Why you do what you do
  • How you are different
  • What you can do for them

Without these essential elements, all of the metrics and demographic research won’t get you very far. Here’s what will:

  • Focusing on your story and defining how you differ from your competitors
  • Refining your mission statement
  • Authentically communicating with clients
  • Planning your marketing message
  • Maintaining a consistent brand
  • Understanding your sweet spot