Not everyone has the time or the inclination to actually write a book. Even those who might benefit professionally from being a published author might find the prospect daunting, dare I say even a bit scary.

I always tell my clients that we all have different talents in life. Mine happens to be the ability to write as another would, even though I’m the one putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, as the case might be). I’ve spent many years writing profiles for a popular online dating website; sometimes I have to write as if I’m a neurosurgeon, others as if I didn’t finish high school.

The way I write each of those profiles is different, even though the end goal is the same. It is my job to sound like the person for whom I’m writing; to assume his or her voice, to speak the same language and paint the same picture as if he or she had written the profile alone.

Ghost writers are used for everything from dating and professional profiles to blog posts to ebooks to books. I’ve worked with people who have needed each of those products. As you might expect, the time and cost necessary to write a profile is much less than that of a book. Every project is unique, just like the voice behind it.

Ghostwriting services entail much more than just writing. Incisive and intuitive questions are vital throughout the process. Interviews are necessary, research is often required and edits must be made after an initial draft is finished. A typical book takes six months to one year to complete. Profiles take considerably less time.

Because I insist on a Confidentiality Agreement and promise my clients discretion, I cannot divulge my ghost writing portfolio. If you are looking for evidence of my writing skills under my own byline, please check out my portfolio. If you have a ghostwriting project you’d like to talk about, I welcome you to shoot me a quick note via the form below. I am choosy when it comes to long-term projects, and I require that we chat so we get to know each other first.*

*We don’t have to meet in person to chat. I work with clients in many locations, and utilize online services like Google Hangouts and Skype to connect.


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