What’s the difference between a bio that bores and a bio that works?

It’s the bridge between your what and your why.

Well crafted bios for social media sites such as LinkedIn and, marketing collateral and websites all have something in common: each tells your story in a way that elicits an emotional response from the person reading it. It is consistent across platforms and serves to connect, enlighten and educate without feeling overdone, overwrought or over-thought.


Simply put, it’s the professional chapter of your story, condensed but not diluted, and packaged in such a way that people feel they know you even if they’ve never met you. Because we know that it’s often necessary to provide a professional bio in many different ways, we offer our unique Profile Package Deluxe that includes the following components:

Long Form Bio: coming in at about 300 words, it’s perfect for when there’s no limit on space or attention span.
Abridged Version: at approximately 150 words, it’s the highlight reel of what matters most right now
Elevator Speech Version: two sentences max, for when time and space are both limited. Don’t laugh; being pithy is harder than you think.
LinkedIn Summary: Keyword rich and tailored to your social media goals, the LinkedIN summary is anything but a recap of your chronological work history. Per LinkedIN’s rules, there’s a 2000 character limit

Because every story is different, every profile is different. In order to write about you, I must to get to know you and understand why you do what you do.


Once you’ve ordered Profile Package Deluxe, here’s what happens:

1–You’ll receive a Getting to Know You document from me with questions that help me understand who you are and why your work matters to you.

2–We’ll schedule a 30 minute Google hangout* session to chat and dig deeper into the questions I’ve asked on the Getting to Know You document. This Google hangout will be scheduled within five business days after you’ve returned your Getting to Know You document to me.

3–You’ll receive an initial draft of your various profiles within five business days of our Google hangout session. You’ll have three days to review the profiles in written form; if you want to discuss edits, we’ll schedule a 15 minute Google hangout session to hammer out the details. Those edits will be back to you within two business days of our chat.

Profile Package Deluxe: $397.00

*If you can’t do a Google hangout (or prefer not to), Skype or a telephone call are also options.