It’s imperative to occasionally step back and reassess your social media and marketing efforts. Taking that time to evaluate what you’re doing, assess if it’s working, and determining how to improve is not only smart business–it’s vital for growth. And let’s face it; sometimes what we’re telling people through marketing doesn’t truly reflect who we are and what we do, and it takes an objective view to identify areas that need work, and to move forward.


Because I know that clients often just need a fresh set of eyes, or a road map to get back on track, I offer a Public Perception Tune Up, complete with:

  • A comprehensive, written analysis of your current marketing efforts
  • A fresh profile written especially for you to use on your choice of social media platforms
  • A three month editorial calendar of suggested content to simplify social media
  • A breakdown of important keywords and phrases to incorporate into your marketing strategy

Social Media Tune Up $399